Who is Kolourblind?

Kolourblind is a young R&B/Pop boy group hailing from New York City. It is formed of three boys, Maxx from New York, Kamari from Jamaica and Leo from Honduras. Though all three boys were raised in New York, their exotic cultural backgrounds play a huge part in their music and are reflected in their soulful fusion of R&B.

There has been a lack of an R&B/Pop boy band in a long time. Kolourblind is bringing back harmonious R&B/Pop music. They have added their own twist and taste to the genre but they still stick true to the deep roots of rhythm and blues. Their music speaks of their relationships, life and daily pressures that the younger generation face today.

Kolourblind incorporates the perfect emotive voice and tone in their music, allowing the listener to transport to a tragically beautiful memory, the way blue does. Yet, they also reflect elements of happiness, first love and desire that, for an older audience, brings a sense of nostalgia, and for a younger audience, advice and familiarity.

All three boys do most of the writing for their music, and play various instruments that are clearly heard in their music. They are bringing back the classic way of creating music, it's all very organic and instrumental. "Music has no end."

The studio is their home. That's where they feel relaxed and free. The three boys have grown to be brothers, and they have a very deep creative connection. They balance each other out, and with the help of their manager and producer, Stuart "Mookie" Sanders, they have found their sound.

They are currently wrapping up their EP entitled "The Opening" to be released later this year, filmed throughout New York City. Kolourblind is bringing back young R&B/Pop!

"We don't hold back. Everything we do is for music. We are surrounded by music. We don't do it just for popularity. At the end of the day, we go home thinking about music. It helps up speak about being a teen, being young or even about a girl. Though we've come from the Bronx, we chose music. It keeps us grounded, it's our outlet and our path."